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Auckland Writers Festival 2017

She reached the luggage coach just as it was turning north at the junction. It was an unusually dry autumn morning, respite from the storms. “Mr Bunt, I’m so glad I caught you.” “Why Miss Clementine, are you alright there lassie?” Breathlessly, she reached up and handed him the paper. “What do we have here then?” Mr Bunt, squinting at the envelope, before turning it over and finding the Nelson address. “Mr Bunt, I would be so very obliged if you could see that my aunt receives this, but not until Friday.” “Now why is that lass?I can see that she receives it upon my arrival on Wednesday.” Clementine stood tall, and with all the confidence she could muster, replied, “I am off to Christchurch on the morning coach Mr Bunt.Due to an unfortunate incident, I no longer work at Westport House, and the lodgings at Mrs Shelly’s are unsuitable. I wish to be in Christchurch before my aunt knows of my plans.” “The thing is lass, there won’t be a coach, probably for a week I’d say.The Otira River is that fl…

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